Anxiety Prevention: 5 Ways to Stop Worrying

by editor on 10/01/2013

stop worrying and start living

Did you know that most of what you worry about has a very slim chance of happening? Did you also know that very few incidents in life will have a life-altering effect on you?

Most of us who are “born worriers” aren’t. In fact, it is in the way we were raised. Not to say our parents did any less than what they thought was correct with the tools they had—but, we normally develop the capacity to worry by age five. This means the way we look at life may have been tainted. But the good news is, we are perfectly able to reprogram and change it. You can stop worrying.

Creating our own reality for good or for worse

Ever hear that you create your own reality? Well it goes by the premise that whatever you think most about you tend to create your reality around. So to help you create the best reality you can have—follow these five simple steps to stop worrying and you will see a marked difference in your life.

1. What is the worst case scenario? Ask yourself what the worst possible result of what you are worrying about would be. You will normally find that this logic will help you realize it’s not so bad.

2. Take control: Find ways to take control of the circumstances. If you can be an active decision maker in your own life, then you will find worry disappears. Often times worry is a byproduct of feeling that you are not the one in control. Get in control and you stop worrying.

3. Stop controlling others: The only thing you can control is how you react to the source of the worry. Don’t hand over power to someone else, take it back and feel calmer.

4. Journal it out: Writing out what we are feeling is a good way of not only releasing it but looking back at it and realizing this wasn’t worth it.

5. Talk it out: Find a confidant and discuss things with another person. Often a neutral party can shed light on things that were tough for you to see.

Worry is a programming of the brain from youth but it is not something you have to be prisoner to. It is something to reprogram your mind with the opposite habit. When you begin to worry, stop yourself and immediately turn to one of the steps above to begin the process. Once you make the decision to stop worrying, you’ll open your mind up to a whole new way of thinking and it feels good.

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