The Three Keys to Happiness No Matter What

by editor on 10/16/2013

three keys to happiness

Happiness is such a relative thing. There is no blanket definition for happiness. To each person being happy has a special and personal meaning. There are however, ways to keep it that way when you are faced with the curve balls life throws you. It’s easy to say that you are happy when things are good, but true happiness comes from peace that is only had by very few unless you learn to achieve it. Below are great examples for keys to happiness.

First, we must learn the enemies of happiness

Happiness can’t live when it is choked off by several of the common happy-killers we suffer. And for some of us in this society, it is all too commonplace.

Lack: The fear that their isn’t enough for everyone is certainly a happiness killer. If you are driven my greed because you feel you have to get yours first-you’ll be miserable forever. The Universe is filled with endless opportunity and this is the way that happy and successful people think.

Envy: Don’t waste your time worrying about what others have. If you envy their journey you know not the path you will inherit from them. In other words, if you chose to trade lives—you may find the journey you chose to not be quite an fabulous as you thought. So best to stay on your own path.

Anger: Anger has never proven to solve anything and causes the worst deadly health issues.

Fear: This is the worst of them all. It paralyzes a person from doing what can truly make them happy. It also causes self-fulfilling prophecies. The more you fear; the more you are likely to manifest those fears.

Three keys to happiness no matter what

1. Believe that you create your own reality: Quantum physics has already reached the conclusion that you create your own reality. In fact, Albert Einstein said it himself that whatever reality you think is the one you manifest because we are all energy. There are even references in the Bible that say as a man thinketh so he is.

2. Acceptance: If you can’t control it then let it go. Stay firm in the knowledge that you will be taken care of and that there is really no circumstance you can control so let it go. When you do things work out. Try it.

3. Release: Control the only thing you can—your reaction to everything.

These keys to happiness will keep you feeling wonderful each and everyday.

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