How to Relieve Stress the Zen Way

by editor on 11/11/2013

relieve stress the zen way

Zen is another method of stress relief that is based on a spiritual philosophy. It is a “way” of doing things. Here we will touch on each of those ways that were suggested by Zen monks to assist people working in high-pressure industries in the western world.

Steps to relieve stress the Zen way:

No multitasking: Only in the west do we concentrate so much on multitasking. The Zen way of relieving stress on the job—is to do one thing at a time and focus 100% attention onto it. This places you in the now and when you multitask, you place yourself in tomorrow, or the next moment and deadlines for the next thing. Some of you may have to clear your project-board before you can begin to institute the Zen process because you can’t do it in the middle of projects.

Slow down! Make your actions slow and do your tasks one by one and deliberately. If you speed up, your energy scatters and you are all over the place.

Complete your tasks: You may be tempted to begin something else before you finish one project. Practice deliberate completion and enjoy the process. Again, if you are at this moment under the gun you may have to deal with clearing it before instituting this process. However, once you clear the messes—meditate and tell yourself as you sit in the quiet that you are now a clean slate. Then commence filling it with a new project following these steps. It may not be perfect at first—but with practice it will be.

No overload: People that follow eastern philosophy think that it is funny westerners believe it is lazy to not overload yourself. The Zen practice encourages you to only take on projects that you can complete using the above steps to complete them.

Space your tasks: Your client meetings and projects go a lot better when you can put plenty of space between each one. You can better use the core practice to be in the now with your project or person.

It is also better to use Zen in your life in general to relieve stress the Zen way. Relationships of every kind fare much better when you stay in the now and let things grow as they will. You can enjoy each moment so much better if you are in the moment.

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