Tips to Silence Your Holiday Grinch Within

by editor on 11/26/2013

Silence Your Holiday Grinch within

We all remember the Grinch that stole Christmas—that popular—evergreen character in the Dr. Seuss books that we can identify with so well. Here we will change tradition and silence your Holiday Grinch within as we explore the way to inner peace during the holidays.

The company:

Whoever said blood is thicker than water didn’t have the same relationship with their family as most of us do. They must have had that stepford family you see on Norman Rockwell paintings. Everyone is smiling and you can smell the pumpkin pie in the air. Oh you can be sure there are family issues there—but they are swept tightly under a rug while mom sneaks a bit of the peach schnapps while playing–”one for me and one for you” with the “special” peach cobbler. Yes the old school folk of the 40’s and 50’s knew how to keep their head numb and their stiff upper lip. Today however with new family dynamics—face it—we are hardly as prepared or well-trained.

Training the logistics to handle the company:

If you know who you will be hosting ahead of time—this year—under the guise of being a more gracious and attentive host—you can make seating arrangements. Don’t have enough people? Great! Invite everyone you can! Make your home the go-to home! Why? It helps silence your holiday Grinch for several reasons.

1.) It will give you a great excuse to have an additional table or two! You can even have a buffet so moving around is easier!

2.) When strangers are present, it is less likely that personal laundry airing of family issues will come up and that should put the Grinch to bed.

3.) If you don’t have buffet room, you could have assigned seating to mix the company and encourage them mingling with new people.

Training the mindset to handle the company:

Have you heard the saying– “The way people treat you is their karma but the way you react is yours?” Keep in mind that the holidays are when people wait to push your buttons so remember that you have to let them. If you don’t it will bother them and not you. Simply and calmly change the subject and move on. Kill them with kindness and the Grinch may just excuse themselves earlier and go on packing or retire to their room while you entertain the rest of your pleasant guests. Just remember the second half of the saying and don’t engage—the way you react to them is your karma and silence your holiday Grinch within!

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