Feel Better in 2014 With Zanaprin Anxiety Pills

by editor on 01/03/2014

feel better in 2014 with Zanaprin

As you go into a new year you want to feel better in 2014 especially if anxiety has made your 2013 miserable. One of your top resolutions is probably to feel better the next year. Well, as with any resolution–if you do what you always did you are naturally going to get what you always got.

There are so many ways to get to feeling more yourself and if you’ve been staying away from pills for sleep or anxiety because you are afraid of the addiction factor then you are in for a nice beginning of the year surprise. There is a little pill called Zanaprin that is a more natural and gentle acting anxiety pill that acts as a sleep aid as well and you won’t become in any way chemically dependant on it. It is a proprietary naturopathic blend that boosts the brain chemicals for sleep and also mood like serotonin and dopamine as well as melatonin.

Other ways to feel better in 2014:

There is much you can do to feel better and help to lift depression and sleeplessness in 2014 and beyond. Meditation is not overrated in this case. There are literally thousands to choose from online free that people use with much success each day. Try to choose the ones that use what is called “binaural” beats. This is sound wave technology to be used for brainwaves. Also look for the ones that target Delta and Theta waves. So you would type into the search maybe on YouTube as such. Meditation Anxiety Binaural Theta waves. or Delta it doesn’t matter–both are conducive to sleep.

Now, we will go into brain wave activity so you can learn to control yours as much as possible and see a marked difference. You have brainwave activity that has several stages. Alpha wave state is when you are relaxed and almost meditative. It is a pre sleep state but not quite. Your body feels heavy but your mind is still pretty alert. The next it Beta wave which is actually good for study and memory and then we have Delta which can be deep sleep and Theta that is when you begin to have audio and visual hallucinations which are flashes of dreams.

All of these said states are great for suggestion. This means you can do them at home while you are just relaxing or a heavier one just before sleep. You can repeat your own affirmations or you can do a guided brain wave meditation online. Zanaprin combined with meditation can help you feel better in 2014 and every year.

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