Dark Chocolate for Stress Relief: The Science Behind It

by editor on 01/07/2014

eating chocolate for stress relief

Is it really possible that chocolate for stress relief is a reality? Not only do we hear more and more about the wonderful health benefits of dark chocolate, but it can carry over to just about every area of our lives. Let’s face it—we live in a time where we have too much to do and too little time. Most of us feel stressed out before we even start the day and that doesn’t fare well for our health. The more that we feel stressed out the more that we put extra strain on our body. So if you could focus on how to relieve stress by enjoying things like chocolate and wine, wouldn’t you be interested?

There is not only truth but science to the notion of using chocolate for stress relief. We’ve heard the importance of antioxidants in protecting our health. These nutrients, vitamins, and minerals all work together to boost our immune system. They fight off harmful substances that can harm us and keep us well and balanced. So these very same antioxidants found within certain foods can also help to relieve our stress. The best news yet is that these antioxidants directly associated with stress relief happen to be found within dark chocolate and even red wine.

The Science Proves That This Really Does Work

The specific antioxidant found within chocolate for stress relief is known as flavonoids. They are found in high concentration within the cocoa beans that make up chocolate. These happen to be in the highest amount within dark chocolate that is pure and true to form. So when you enjoy dark chocolate for stress relief, it truly works to not only relax you but to go to work on the processes in the body that can impact stress. You naturally release endorphins within the body when you eat dark chocolate and that in turn is what is known as the “feel good hormone”—so the rest is history!

You will also find that red wine works well in partnership with dark chocolate for stress relief. Red wine contains its own natural antioxidants resveratrol, and this too helps to manage stress. Both the antioxidants found within chocolate for stress relief and within red wine help to release endorphins within the body. This is the same type of hormone that helps you to feel great after a good workout. So when you eat a small amount of dark chocolate or enjoy some red wine each day, you are contributing to better health and to naturally managing your stress once and for all.

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