Combining Meditation and Zanaprin to Combat Anxiety Symptoms

by editor on 09/04/2013

Combining meditation and Zanaprin

These days we are exposed to a lot of anxiety triggers but we are also in a more enlightened age as well. We are a yoga and meditation practicing country and the trend is growing. Science is finally forced to look deep into the results that these practices give us physiologically.

We used to believe that it was only a psychological or emotional effect but we are discovering that it can be used along with medications like Zanaprin in order to curtail the symptoms of anxiety. Combining meditation and Zanaprin has proven to be highly effective for many sufferers of anxiety disorders.

Let’s cover how Zanaprin works in the body first

We will first inform you a little about how Zanaprin combats anxiety in the body and then we will deal with the meditation part and bring them together for a more comprehensive view.

Zanaprin is made of more natural but not just herbal pharmacy-grade mood enhancers. It works gently with the body’s natural processes. It is not addictive and will certainly get a quick start in the body. This product enhances positivity and allows for clearer focus throughout the day on a safe, long-term basis. This means more productivity for you and a much better social life.

If you have issues like this, then Zanaprin and meditation could be the answer

  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Panic attacks
  • Stress
  • Mental focus issues

The Asian tea plant is the most active ingredient in Zanaprin which places L-Theanine in the body to aid in the above disorders.

How to use meditation and Zanaprin to combat anxiety

Meditation is simply sitting or lying in a comfortable position uninterrupted for 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended twice a day, once in the morning upon waking and a second time during the day or just before bed.

  1. Sit or lay in comfortable position
  2. Meditation music can be played or silence
  3. Breathe deeply to fill lungs completely
  4. Hold the breath for three full long seconds
  5. Exhale through the mouth or the nose for a deeper effect.
  6. Light headedness may occur but this is normal.
  7. Choose a mantra such as OHM or any positive affirmation
  8. Let any thought that crosses your mind leave immediately without dwelling. This is the part that may take weeks of practice but coupled with Zanaprin–you will do wonders.

Repeat this simple meditation until you feel you’ve got it. Then be adventurous and find a slew of more creative and advanced meditations online. Meditation and Zanaprin combine to bring about noticeable changes you can feel good about.

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