Why Lack of Sleep Could be Causing Your Stress and Anxiety

by editor on 09/11/2013

lack of sleep causes anxiety

We all know that stress is bad for us, but you might be surprised at how a lack of sleep could be causing your stress and anxiety. The problem is that so many of us are engaged in far too busy of a lifestyle. We try to cram too much into a day and therefore the balance of it all becomes too much. The stress is present on a daily basis and this can cause us difficulty in sleeping. What is often surprising though is that a lack of sleep can actually be feeding into the stress as well.

When you get a good restful night of sleep you allow your body to shut down for a little while. During the hours of sleep that you get every night your body has a chance to recuperate and recover. Natural functions are occurring each night that we need to function on a daily basis. When you don’t achieve that good restful night of sleep however, then you never get the chance to actually recover. When you suffer from this then you may be actually feeding into your stress level.

Without Sleep You Are Never At Your Best

Your will power is down, your focus is gone, and of course your energy levels are quite compromised. You may find it hard just to get through the day and this makes you less productive. This adds to your stress level as it’s harder to just get done what you must on a day to day basis. So the lack of sleep could be causing your stress and anxiety through lack of productivity, lack of focus, and decreased energy levels overall.

You may also find that your body and mind don’t operate at their best. When you don’t get sleep it’s very easy to feel sick much more frequently. You may also find that you feel paranoid or worried, or that things that normally wouldn’t get to you become problematic. This is yet another way that a lack of sleep could be causing your stress and anxiety to increase.

So it’s important as you work to take care of yourself that you never neglect that good night of sleep. This is your body’s chance to recover and without it, you may not be your best and may actually be more stressed out and anxious as well. Sleep is always important and may help you to also manage your stress and feel more balanced, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

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