Say Goodbye to Panic Attacks

August 26, 2013
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Today, our society is full of stress and anxiety. We have a diving economy and a rising crime-rate among other pressing stresses. Panic attacks are becoming more and more common. But, that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. There are drugs that are safe and effective like Zanaprin®. The best part of it […]

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Stress Relief Methods

October 23, 2012
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Though many people can find stress relief simply by tuning out the world and watching a television show or two at the end of the night, for others, much more deliberate actions need to be taken in order to effectively unwind. Everyone deals with their strains and anxieties in different ways and, for that reason, […]

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Anxiety vs Stress

October 8, 2012
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The question about anxiety vs stress is a very common one, as these are two separate conditions, but their names are often used interchangeably, as though they were the same. The truth is that they are quite different from one another, despite their similarities. If you feel as though you are experiencing a mental or […]

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