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Stress disorders are becoming a common part of life.  Where it had once been simply regular stress, the levels of this emotional and physical strain are rising to the point where they are becoming actual diagnosable conditions.  These have a powerful impact on an individual’s personal and professional lives.

There are many different types of stress disorders, each of which is connected to both internal and external factors.  The type of condition is based on the cause of the stress and the way in which the individual manages it.

It is important to note that while stress has received a very bad name over the last few decades, it can actually be a very positive experience.  It is a natural part of a person’s biology and is a vital part of the survival of a person and of the human race.  It is its overabundance as a result of the way in which our society is now constructed that is turning it into a serious health and mental wellness problem.

Among the most common forms of condition based on this problem are the following:

  • Acute Stress Disorder – this is a condition that happens in people that don’t have any other identifiable psychiatric disorder.  It is a direct response to high levels of psychological and/or physical strain.  Though this can cause severe symptoms, it is usually something that will ease away within a time as short as a few hours, or as high as a few days.  It can be the result of a highly traumatic experience, but the severity of the stress disorder depends on the situation itself and the individual’s ability to cope.  Should it build any further than a short term condition, it may reach the level of an anxiety disorder.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – this is a condition that occurs following a highly traumatic and upsetting situation or event.  Typically it is one that is particularly threatening in nature and that leads to tremendous mental and/or physical suffering, trouble, affliction, sorrow, and/or pain. This can occur in almost anyone following an experience of this nature.
  • Surgical Stress Disorder – in this case, it is possible to experience stress following a particularly one that is highly invasive, life threatening, life changing, or that requires a tremendous amount of recovery time.  Common procedures that can result in this type of stress disorder include amputation, implantation, and transplant surgeries.

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